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Pro Tips For Ordering Chocolate In The Summer
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Pro Tips For Ordering Chocolate In The Summer

Proper Care for Your Tre House Magic Mushroom Chocolates: Ensuring Quality in Summer

As the temperatures rise, ensuring the quality of your Tre House Magic Mushroom Chocolates becomes essential. This guide provides detailed steps on how to maintain their pristine condition during the warm season.

Immediate Care Upon Arrival

Steps to Follow:

  • Refrigerate Immediately: Upon arrival, immediately place the unopened package of Tre House Magic Mushroom Chocolates into the refrigerator. This quick action helps the chocolate re-solidify without disturbing its structure.
  • Duration in the Fridge: For optimal results, refrigerate the chocolates for at least one hour, though three hours is ideal for them to solidify fully.
  • Check for Melting: Since it's difficult to determine if the chocolate has melted. At the same time, it's still packaged; if the external temperatures are 80°F or higher, it's advisable to assume the chocolate may be soft.

Importance of Refrigeration:

  • Preserving Break Lines: Refrigeration is crucial in maintaining the break lines of your Tre House Magic Mushroom Chocolates, which is essential for consistent dosing and ease of use.
  • Preventing Dose Discrepancy: Ensuring the break lines remain intact guarantees uniform squares, which is critical for products that require precise dosing.


Understanding the Risks of Melting and Prevention Strategies

Given that chocolate can soften between 80 and 85°F and melts around 86 to 93°F, special care is necessary to prevent melting, especially considering that internal conditions of mailboxes and delivery trucks can far exceed outdoor temperatures.


Shipping and Storage Guidelines:

  • Temperature-Controlled Shipping: We ship Tre House Magic Mushroom Chocolates from Monday through Thursday between April and October to avoid potential heat exposure and weekend delays.
  • Protective Measures: We use insulation and ice packs to safeguard your chocolates during transit.
  • Temperature-Controlled Storage: All Tre House Magic Mushroom Chocolates are stored at a cool 34°F before shipping to ensure they can withstand a delay without melting.


Heat's Impact on Chocolate Potency and Storage Tips

  • Potency Retention: Tre House Magic Mushroom Chocolates are designed to retain their potency during shipping unless subjected to extreme temperatures.
  • Advisory Against Freezing: Store your chocolates in a cool, dark place below 70°F. Avoid freezing, as it can lead to ice crystal formation that damages the active compounds.


Conclusion: Ensuring Quality and Enjoyment

Following these detailed care instructions allows you to fully enjoy your Tre House Magic Mushroom Chocolates with confidence, knowing they are potent and preserved. Proper storage practices ensure your product's safety, effectiveness, and delicious taste.

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