Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar - Cookies and Cream

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Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar Features:

  • Distinct Cookies and Cream Taste: Delight in the familiar taste of cookies and cream, meticulously prepared for your pleasure.
  • Innovative Mushroom Mix: The Tre House magic mushroom bar combines its mushroom mix perfectly to foster a distinctive mental experience.
  • Lab Test Results 

Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar Effects:

  • Anticipate alterations in perception, an uplift in mood, more profound relaxation, and enhanced cognitive abilities.

Tre House Enjoyment Instructions:

  • For Connoisseurs: Allow time for the full impact to develop.
  • For Newcomers: A single square is a good starting point.
  • For an Intensified Experience: Choose four squares.
  • For Seasoned Users: Seven squares are intended for a robust exploration.