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Magic Mushroom Gummies - Juicy Mango

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  • 15 Vegan Gummies: Each package contains 15 gummies with a subtle sour tropical flavor, offering a unique experience.
  • Mushroom Blend: A carefully selected mushroom blend encourages a gentle increase in awareness and introspection, suitable for relaxed leisure activities.
  • Vegan Ingredients: Our ingredients are vegan, chosen to provide a thoughtful and enjoyable consumption experience.
  • Usage Instructions: Begin with one gummy to ease into the effects, progress to 4 for a more noticeable sensation, and consider 7+ for deeper exploration.
  • Lab Test Results 

Vegan Sour Tropical Magic Mushroom Gummies:

Enjoy the Vegan Sour Tropical Magic Mushroom Gummies. They blend a mild, sour tropical taste with Tre House's mushroom blend to enhance your mood, stimulate your thoughts, and enrich your activities.

Key Benefits:

  • Energy: These gummies offer a gentle boost in energy.
  • Mood Support: Helps maintain a positive and serene mood.
  • Creativity Boost: Aids in fostering thoughtful and inventive ideas.
  • Enhanced Enjoyment: This brings a light-hearted and enjoyable dimension to your activities.