For all refund issues pertaining to orders made via www.mushroomfx.com we encourage you to contact us via email at suppor@mushroomfx.com.

We do not handle refunds for purchases made at independent retail locations. If you purchased a Mushroom FX product at a retail location, or through a website other than mushroomfx.com, you would need to deal directly with the store or website where you purchased.

If you purchased from www.mushroomfx.com  and something is wrong with your purchase you may be entitled to a refund as long as we are notified within 7 days. Refunds are not considered and no returns/exchanges will be granted if you have not contacted us within 7 days from when the order was delivered.

While we stand behind the quality of our products, the effectiveness of a product is not a valid reason for refund, as cannabinoids affect everyone differently.

If a product arrives damaged/unusable, or your shipment is missing any products you must notify us the day (within 24hr) of product arrival via email at support@mushroomfx.com or here.

The email must contain:

  • Your order number in the subject line (i.e. “DAMAGED PRODUCT/ MISSING ITEMS – ORDER #(Insert your order number)”
  • A description of what happened
  • Photo of the product in question
  • Photo of the box
  • Photo of the packaging slip

Once we have received this information, a determination will be made. This review process can take up to 5 business days (sometimes longer depending on the issue) to complete. Not providing all of the requested information, if applicable, may result in an automatic denial of your request.

In the event of a valid exchange for broken or damaged products, we will reach out to you with instructions on how to proceed.  DO NOT SHIP ANYTHING BEFORE DISCUSSING SHIPPING DETAILS WITH US.

All returns (if granted) are subject to a restocking fee and/or will be denied a refund for the shipping cost. This will be determined on a case by case basis.

We retain the right to deny any refund for any reason. We also retain the right to deny service or sales to any person(s), business, or entity for any reason.