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Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar - Peanut Butter

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Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar Key Features:

  • Rich Peanut Butter Taste: Indulge in peanut butter's deep, satisfying flavor, thoughtfully made for your enjoyment.
  • Unique Mushroom Formula: This bar is poised to enhance your mental journey by featuring Tre House's Magic Mushroom blend.
  • Lab Test Results 


Magic Mushroom Chocolate Bar Effects:

  • Expect nuanced changes in perception, an elevated mood, increased tranquility, and enhanced cognitive functions.

Consumption Guidelines:

  • For Aficionados: Allow the full effects to unfold over time.
  • For Novices: Begin with a single square to ease into the experience.
  • For an Amplified Experience: Four squares escalate the journey.
  • For the Adventurous: Seven squares caters to those seeking a profound exploration.