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Magic Mushroom Gummies - Strawberry Dream

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  • 15 Vegan Gummies: Each pack features 15 gummies that blend delicious flavor with a unique experience. Discover the taste of Strawberry Dream.
  • Exclusive Mushroom Blend: Jump into enhanced perception with Tre House's specially formulated mushroom blend, designed for those seeking an alternative leisure experience.
  • Vegan-Friendly Ingredients: Selected for their quality, our vegan ingredients offer a thoughtful and enjoyable experience.
  • Guided Usage: Start with one gummy to gently introduce the effects, increase to 4 for a more substantial experience, and consider 7+ for in-depth exploration.
  • Lab Test Results 

Strawberry Dream Magic Mushroom Gummies:

Experience sweetness and relaxation with Tre House Vegan Strawberry Dream Magic Mushroom Gummies. The inviting strawberry flavor pairs with a mushroom blend to lift your mood, enhance your thought processes, and boost your enjoyment.

Key Benefits:

  • Energy Boost: Find a gentle surge of energy with each gummy.
  • Mood Improvement: Elevate your mood and find tranquility.
  • Creative Thinking: Foster creativity and new perspectives.
  • Increased Joy: Bring a sense of fun and laughter to your experiences.